New version of QUIK Workstation 6.17

18 march 2015

Major changes in the version are associated with the improved ergonomics of the most popular trading terminal of QUIK system.

A number of changes have affected the functional of using ‘tabs’: 

  • Creating, deleting and renaming tabs presently is available through commands of the context menu; 
  • Context menu provides the possibility to manage displaying windows on a tab as well as to save and load windows configuration; 
  • Tabs can be moved by using drag-and-drop and renamed by double clicking on the tab’s title. 
Significant changes have been implemented in the functional of searching for instruments: 

  • Securities now can be additionally searched for by ISIN-code and state registration number; 
  • Window with the search results can be opened only in one copy; 
  • Now it provides the possibility to edit and contains the new parameters: ‘Lot size’, ‘Expiration date’, ‘ISIN code’ and ‘Reg. number’; 
  • Window of search results is completed by a search string to filter the parameters; 
  • ‘Instrument search’ toolbar now is presented in the more compact view.

Significant ergonomic modifications have affected the functional of graphs:

  • ‘Highlight in color’ mode allows configuring an individual color of candlestick borders for situations of price rise and fall while the preview function allows to see the result of configured settings; 
  • When moving orders on graph, price value now is automatically corrected with consideration of the security price step. 
Another change in the version has affected the functional of placing orders on Derivatives market of the Moscow Exchange. Now when placing such orders substitution of the minimum or maximum prices will always be done automatically.

Full list of changes in the version…

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