New version of QUIK Workstation 6.10

21 november 2013

ARQA Technologies released a new version of the QUIK Workstation – 6.10.

The list of modifications in the QUIK Workstation 6.10 is the following:

  1. The format of saving trades to the text file (*.txt) has been changed. Now it is compatible with the all trades file format of the last version of the MICEXTrade terminal version 3.9.
  2. Now it is possible to set up the default value of Market-maker order parameter for REPO with CCP 1 day (stocks) and REPO with CCP 1 day (bonds) classes and instruments for these classes. This functionality is realized through the default_client_codes.ini file which allows auto filling fields of the New order form.
  3. Group processing (take into execution, request cancel, book trade, etc.) of several OMS orders marked by a user is now possible in the OMS orders table.
  4. The ability to choose the appearance of the New OMS order form (full (standard) or short) is provided.

The following imperfections of the previous versions have been revised in this version:

  1. An error occurring when filtering by the 'Settlement date' parameter in the Negotiated trades table.
  2. An error occurring when manually entering a trading account in the 'New order' form if the 'Use context search in dropdown lists' checkbox in the 'Program settings' which resulted in incorrect filling of the Trading account field by the first value from the drop down list instead of the one that has been entered.
  3. An error occurring when opening 'New negotiation order' form by clicking the string of the 'Table of orders for negotiation trades' the value of the 'Settle currency' parameter displayed in the Upper discount (%) field.
  4. An error with displaying the 'Total volume' parameter in the Level II Quotes Table in the REPO with the CCP mode.
  5. Spontaneous movements of tables when scrolling the program window.
  6. Incorrect export of the stop order date via DDE and ODBC server.
  7. ODBC export error caused when the exported parameter had a special symbol. For example, this error could occur when export of the instrument whose name contained single quote (').
  8. Incorrect displaying of the executed transactions quantity in the 'Dynamic loading of transactions from a file' dialog (displayed quantity was less than actual).
  9. Incorrect drawing of maximized terminal windows when opening the list of available Lua scripts ('Tables / Lua / Available scripts' menu items).
  10. An error with the change of mark time on the chart which occurs when the chart parameter 'From … to …' is used in case of placing this mark via Qpile.
  11. Change of the angle of a trend line when moving its left end to the location in the 'past'.
  12. An error 'Not sufficient memory for program objects' occurred when loading the configuration file containing the windows from the 'Positions by settledates' table ('Broker' menu item).
  13. The calculation of 'Client portfolio' leading to slowdown of terminal operation is optimized.
  14. A number of errors leading to a program crash.

Source distribution and User’s Guide can be downloaded from our website.

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