New version of QUIK system 5.11

16 july 2008

SMVB IT has launched a new version of QUIK workstation. The version 5.11 suggests such important innovations as entering orders from the «level2 quotes» window and reflection the orders and trades levels as well as arbitrary marks at graphs

Major innovations of the new version are for the active traders, for whom visibility of information and speed of reaction to changes of the market data are vital.

With the new version the users get a possibility to manage orders directly from the “level2 quotes” window thanks to a special panel of tools for quick orders sending. Sending, deleting and changing orders, closing positions can be done directly from the “level2 quotes” window by one click.

New version graphs can reflect price level of the user’s active orders and stop-orders as well as trades. Besides, graphs allow adding arbitrary marks in text or picture form, fastening them to axes or making immovable. Graph marks can be managed via QPILE language. Immediate implementation is programming the «advisers» reflecting trading strategy signals at graphs.

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