New version of QUIK server 4.2 GA8

12 november 2012

The following features were added in the new version:

  1. Maximum losses control on client accounts with “by leverage” credit type.
  2. Accounting subclient’s loan while checking marginal restrictions on subbroker’s account.
  3. Non-full netting of cash liabilities (instead of the full currency liability only part of it can be used, which is not covered by security guarantee expressed by the same currency, or hold back the currency debt not from the current available limit but from the current active assets).
  4. Currency can be traded using different schemes (security, money) applied to different clients in one and the same trading mode.
  5. The opportunity to set up volatility individually per strikes and option types in bounds of the Unified Cash Position module.
  6. The opportunity to receive data about delays (values of Latency and Capacity from the server and gates connected to it).

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