New version of PocketQUIK for PDAs

2 july 2009

ARQA Technologies launched the new version of PocketQUIK - 3.0. In this version opportunities of working with charts have been significantly expanded. Now it is possible to construct more than 30 indicators of technical analysis.

As part of the functionality of working with charts, the settings of archive request is implemented; additional ability of scaling is added; editing the color of lines is appeared; the functionality for trend lines drawing is added, the ability to adjust the number of displayed Candles is also supplemented.

Imperfections of previous versions that were related to erroneous work of program for certain HTC models when trying to change the width of columns in the tables with the «take-profit» price changing are revised.

For launching the new version of the terminal ARQA Technologies has produced a new commercial proposal, which prices will be valid from the 1st of August this year. The cost of subscriber services for banks and investment companies comprises a regression scale: from the 11th license the cost is 232 rubles (per each license), from the 31st license – 145 rubles (per each license), from 51st and further licenses subscriber services are provided for free.

Questions about new price proposal can be addressed to ARQA Technologies Sales&Marketing Department: +7-383-2191619,

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