New version of CoLibri FM terminal module

17 march 2013

ARQA Technologies has launched a new version of CoLibri FM – 1.2.0

The list of changes of the version 1.2.0:

  1. The functionality of sending email alerts has expanded to include:
    • It is possible to specify an email address which will be used for receiving copies of all client emails and notifications.
    • It is possible to set two modes for sending the notification which is to be sent to several recipients. It can be done by one message with adding all email addresses in copy and by few identical messages (one message to one email address).
  2. In the window ‘Settings to close positions’ the possibility of quick search in the list of instruments with help of the standard filter was added.
  3. The table ‘Risk parameters of the derivatives market on a type of a client position’ has expanded to include the filter on a position’s type (for options and futures separately or for both of them).
  4. The functions of the Unified cash position have had the possibility to close client potions when using several sub-broker items of FORTS and Ukrainian Exchange derivatives market trading systems.

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