New solution from ARQA Technologies facilitates access of broker’s clients to FX market instruments

5 august 2014

ARQA Technologies has introduced a solution offering new opportunities for broker’s clients to access instruments of FX market. The FX Dealing system employs a special infrastructure to aggregate and internalize liquidity. Thanks to this technology the broker may efficiently service both institutional and retail clients.

The FX Dealing system is made up of QUIK modules including QUIK Server, SOR, Module of Automated Order Processing and QUIK work station with a Terminal Module FX (special plug-in).

  • QUIK server is to be connected to selected trading platforms. Liquidity may be sourced from FX market of MOEX, EBS market of ICAP, Thomson Reuters Spot Matching and a large banks’ internal liquidity pools.
  • QUIK SOR aggregates liquidity, submits quotes for random volumes and manages the order flow across various liquidity pools.
  • Module of Automated Order Processing facilitates automated quotations for clients with reciprocal hedging of broker positions. Automated quotation of instruments may be done in accordance with various computation models (e.g. based on a given spread).

Beside the requisite components of FX Dealing the system may employ other QUIK modules such as FIX adapter interface for connecting external trading platforms to QUIK server or QUIK Matching Engine whereby the broker may set its own pool of liquidity.

The solution has been tested and implemented as part of two pilot projects.

For all questions about presentations or consultations please contact the Sales and Marketing department of ARQA Technologies: +7 (383) 219-16-19,

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