New service at data centers of ARQA Technologies

9 february 2015

The company has completed the access infrastructure to the trading system of St-Petersburg exchange (market of international securities) from its data center at М10 and offers the trading access to the exchange as managed service and hosted service.

The service is very likely to be attractive to companies and banks already employing QUIK as an outsourced part of their business in the М10 data center (principal or back-up complex). Besides, getting the QUIK trading interface to this market as managed service may be preferable to new users as it will save start-up time and costs. Or, as it happens very often with companies and banks which have their QUIK platforms installed in-house, it makes a lot of sense to try it on as managed service first in order to test the market.

For all questions concerning the new service please call Sales and marketing department of ARQA Technologies on +7 383 2191619 or e-mail to

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