New opportunities for QUIK on global derivatives markets

12 august 2015

Lately the trade access functionality of EMS QUIK has been enhanced by new direct connections to leading global trading venues for derivative instruments – the line of trading interfaces acquired solutions for two major derivative markets (Eurex and CME).

The Eurex trading interface connects the QUIK broker system to futures and options trading at Eurex (European Exchange) headquartered in Franfurt and controlled by Deutsche Börse AG. The interface delivers market data and supports all principal order types – limited, market, GTD, GTC, IOC, block trades and closing auction. ARQA Technologies has been included in the list of vendors providing access to the exchange.

Another trading interface developed by ARQA Technologies for its clients facilitates connection of the server part of EMS QUIK to the trading platform of CME Globex — the global electronic system for trading futures and options on the CME Group markets. The interface has been certified as fully conforming to technological and functional requirements of the exchange and supporting all principal trading modes and operations. The interface provides trading access to CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX.

The two major venues for futures and options trading used to be accessible for QUIK users via technological networks of the company’s partners. The developed direct interfaces provide market data feeds directly from the exchanges while trade orders may be forwarded either directly having an agreement with a clearing bank or through partnership with an execution broker. It is also possible to build a low latency infrastructure which requires installation of the server part of the broker infrastructure close to the exchange on terms of collocation.

It is expected that Russian participants in financial markets will be attracted to the energy sector, primarily oil as well as precious metals and the ruble - US dollar pair. Beside other uses instruments based on the currency pair will represent notable arbitrage opportunities.

Thanks to the newly developed direct interfaces in the QUIK line for derivative market solutions (which traditionally included such popular derivatives markets as MOEX and LSE) the clients of the company have been offered opportunities to review and enhance their arsenal of global derivative instruments. Employing additional services available in QUIK such as the Module of unified cash position for spot and derivatives markets in combination with highly developed risk management functionality will allow them efficiently consolidate positions, perform portfolio margining and optimize collateral.

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