New OMS version from ARQA Technologies

23 april 2013

A new OMS manager module – version 2.4.0 has been released.

Changes have been made in response to requests of the company’s clients who use the system as part of their trading technology.

Some of the changes have resulted in closer integration of the OMS into broker trading infrastructure:

  • clients may now set OMS-order parameters such as ‘Trade Account’ and ‘Clearing Center’ by default,
  • the price of OMS-order may be controlled throughout the order generation and subsequent editing, similar controls are available for execution price of OMS-order in OTC market inasmuch as it is related to the market price of the asset,
  • for exchange instruments it is possible to restrict a list of currencies available for OMS-orders execution,
  • the module data base provides calendars tied to instruments and currencies. They may be used to fill 'Settle Date’ and ‘Payment Date’ fields,
  • it is now possible to include a trader’s UID in comments to exchange trades.

Additional functions for ОТС market:

  • it is possible to change and cancel OTC-trades in filled OMS-order,
  • it is possible to change and cancel OTC-trades in OMS-orders forwarded from external systems through FIX and a sales manager can stop such trades,
  • a sales manager can now deactivate functions of confirmation and cancellation of OTC-orders.

The module service functions have expanded to include:

  • a new type of commission for OMS-orders – ‘per share’,
  • a detailed report for an OMS-order filled earlier is available on request,
  • message exchange between a trader and a sales manager,
  • export of linked deals and their transfer to data base,
  • e-mail alerts for overdue OMS-orders.

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