New in capQORT

21 august 2015

The latest versions have the following new features:

  • Pool exchange order forwarding when the orders should be sent to the exchange with different trading accounts. In this case trading accounts are automatically added to the order parameters if correspondence directory is adjusted.
  • Loading of the issuer and instrument ratings and their use when the limits are adjusted or monitored.
  • Possibility to monitor violation status history through the “Violation Table” context menu.
  • Performance of “Limit Check” and “Calculation of Asset Manager’s Compensation” scheduled tasks.

Middle-office of an asset management company capQORT is empowered by the core of the QORT platform and allows to consolidate and to keep an integral position of all asset management company’s operations, to work with portfolios and groups of portfolios, to control various restrictions and detect violations, to conduct trading operations through several brokers.

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