New implementations of QUIK and QORT-solutions in the second quarter of 2015

10 july 2015

In the second quarter of 2015 ARQA Technologies specialists installed the QUIK software package in four banks and one investment company.

Three big banks - current ARQA Technologies customers – purchased the second copies of the front-office system as an addition to already implemented QUIK-servers.

One customer switched from using QUIK-services at their own premises to using managed services in ARQA Technologies technical centers. Thus, the server is now technically serviced by specialists of the software company while user rights are managed by the customer specialists.

At the present time the implementation of the automation solution for back-office operations backQORT is being completed in two investment companies.

Among organizations, that allowed to publish their names in the customer list, the QUIK software package was installed in Inbank LLC (Moscow); the backQORT back-office was implemented in IT Invest Securities Ltd. (Saint Peter Port, Bailiwick of Guernsey).

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