Module of algorithmic trading light – a new solution from ARQA Technologies

31 march 2014

‘Module of algorithmic trading light’ contains just those algorithms that are most widely used by broker’s clients. The two algos in question are ‘order with a period of validity’ and ‘stop-order’.

The ‘order with a period of validity’ serves two purposes - it simulates the process of forwarding orders to the stock market of the Moscow exchange with periods of execution including ‘till date’, ‘till cancelled’, ‘till time’ and transfers unexecuted orders of the same type to the next day.

The ‘stop-order’ serves to automatically control the instrument position volume and the average weighted ask price so as to determine a closing price for capturing a profit or cutting losses. It also allows cancelling all working client orders for a particular instrument before positions are closed.

The same algos also form part of the principal version of the Algorithmic trading module which is designed to be used by brokers’ desks.

Any questions related to purchasing or testing the module are welcome at the sales and marketing department of ARQA Technologies: +7 (383) 219-16-19,

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