New version of Messaging module — 1.8

8 october 2021

The released version of the Messaging module supports new message types via API:

  • A notification that a client started a support chat for the first time in a trading day.
  • A notification that the client started the chat but did not send a message.
  • An indicator to see when a text is being typed by the client.

Also, it is possible to transmit data on the client (full name, login, phone, phone for SMS, email) via API from the QUIK server.

The changes in the support service chat window are as follows:

  • The ‘Answers’ button was added. When it is clicked, a list of standard messages for clients appears with a possibility to set the content of the messages. If the messages are not set, the button will be inactive.
  • There are notifications about new requests and messages in the chat for a group of specialists. They can be activated or deactivated in the bloke with information on the group.
  • It is possible to select and copy data on the client by using a context menu or hot keys.

Innovations in the client’s chat window:

  • There are notifications about new messages and a number of unread messages.
  • A dividing line between the dialogue window and the text input field has become brighter. Previously, a light theme had inadequate delimitation of those areas.

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