New version of Messaging module — 1.14

1 march 2024

The main innovations of the released version of the Messaging module are as follows:

Group Charts

Within the QDealing solution, users of the Interbroker Communication Access Service acquired a possibility to create group charts. A group chart can be created by any user who can add to it users of their organization as well as users of other members connected to the service.

The creator of the group chat is its administrator, with the ability to edit the list of members, as well as delete the chat. Anyone other than the administrator can leave the group chat at any time.

Viewing Information about Members

In dialogs between two groups, it has become possible to view the list of all members of the communication. In the dialog window you can find information about the group and the organization the user belongs to.

Also in the group chart dialog window, it is now possible to start a private chat with a specific user by selecting the corresponding item in the context menu.

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