New version of Market Data Export Module — 5.8

9 june 2018

As part of QUIK improvement in execution of operations with NSD investment units (see details on the NSD website:, the Module now supports export of fractional numbers of instruments in the following tables:

  • Trading accounts (Trdaccs),
  • Quotes (Params),
  • Orders (Orders),
  • Trades (Trades),
  • Stop orders (StopOrders),
  • Negdeal orders (NegDeals),
  • Trades for execution (UsTrades),
  • Order reports for NDM trades (NegReports),
  • Time and Sales (AllTrades),
  • NDM quotes (Quotes),
  • Transactions (TransResult),
  • Liabilities and claims for assets (CCPHold),
  • Limits for securities (DepoLimits),
  • Current positions for securities (FirmDepoAccount).

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