Interview of ARQA Technologies in Financial IT

17 december 2014

The online edition of Financial IT published an interview with the director of business development of ARQA Technologies Vladimir Kurlyandchik on ‘Managing Trading Risks with the help of RISQ solutions’.

Controlling trading risks in financial markets has long been in the center of attention of the financial community. The interview presents a range of software products collectively branded RISQ solutions. The software solutions are designed for implementation of pre-trade risk control of diverse complexity into various trading infrastructures.

The ease of installation (this process does not require functional alteration in existing trading platforms) as well as flexible business task alignment make the RISQ solutions an attractive option for various financial institutions.

Meticulous calculation and limitation of risks across various instruments within portfolios allow bringing down justifiable collateral requirements.

A group of software products within the RISQ solutions is designed to control trading risks of clients with sponsored access to trading venues.

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