FIX and FIX2Market program interfaces – the new software developed by ARQA Technologies on the basis of the FIX protocol

10 august 2010

ARQA Technologies developed two products on the basis of the FIX protocol: FIX and FIX2Market Program Interfaces.

The FIX interface provides sending transactions from external systems to QUIK and receiving market data (including reports on trades) from trading systems by using the FIX protocol. This software inherits all the features of the QUIK system for positions control and pre-trade control, which are used at the available exchanges. The interface is useful for both Russian and foreign banks and investment companies.

The FIX2Market interface provides sending transactions and receiving market data between the exchange trading platforms and brokers’ trading systems by using the FIX protocol. FIX2Market is low latency software, which allows a broker to organize direct connection between its trading platform and the exchange trading system. FIX2Market provides pre-trade control, if the last is being realized at the appropriate exchange. ARQA Technologies has implemented FIX2Market program interfaces for two leading Russian exchanges - FIX2MICEX (for the MICEX Stock Exchange and MICEX Government Securities and Money Market) and FIX2Plaza2 (for FORTS). The interfaces are intended for the broker’s own operations. Though, for the MICEX Stock Exchange and FORTS getting leased identifiers to be used by clients is also available.

Purchase and using requests are to be addressed to ARQA Technologies Sales&Marketing Department: +7 383 219–1619,

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