New version of FIX order router program interface — 5.7

22 march 2022

The updated version of the FIX order router program interface has the following improvements:

  • integration with the Directory Storage and Distribution module, which allows automatically loading data of instruments, face values, ACI and calendars from external sources to the FIX order router dictionary,
  • the processing of ‘Execution Report’ messages with the status 150=H (Trade Cancel),
  • a possibility to change an order of transactions in the drop-down list on the order entry form (it is possible to set display of a particular transaction on the first place of the drop-down list by default),

  • the sending of a settlement date and payment date in the FIX message during registration of an order, if the dates were explicitly specified in the order form,
  • transmission in orders and trades of the information on values of ACI and par values on the settlement date, if this information was not received from the execution broker,
  • transmission of a new instrument parameter ‘Complex financial product type’.

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