New version of Eurex trading interface

21 november 2016

ARQA Technologies released a new version of Eurex trading interface 1.9.1

This version supports a new version of the exchange trading system - Eurex Exchange´s T7 4.0.

The following data may be dynamically added to the QUIK server without restarting the Interface:

  • new FLEX-contracts transmitted in QUIK to the classes: ‘Eurex: Flexible futures’ and ‘Eurex: Flexible options’;

  • OTC trades on instruments which were not described when the Interface started.

Volume of trades can be calculated for FLEX-contracts. It is calculated on the basis of price increment and volume of basic asset contract.

The ‘Exchange session’ field of the current trading session table now displays actual exchange session status.

In the ’System link’ field translation of SideTradeID was added for OTC trades allowing to reconcile OTC trades registered through Trade Entry Services with the exchange report.

Depending on language settings on the QUIK Workstation descriptions of instrument parameters and transactions are now displayed in Russian or English.

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