Developing solutions based on FIX protocol

28 october 2013

ARQA Technologies has developed a version of program interface ‘FIX Order Router’ to allow brokers and banks access trading (and offer the same to their clients) at markets for which it may be somehow problematic to obtain normalized online market data (the reasons for the latter might be a lack of liquidity in the market or the fact that the platform of a market data vendor cannot work with QUIK platform or other).

Now QUIK may use static market data (a.k.a 'reference data') and send transactions to trading platforms including those of an execution broker thanks to the FIX Order Router solution.

The new version of the interface helps a broker form a static description of instruments and upload them from an auxiliary file onto the QUIK server. Most of instrument parameters (such as a lot size) are static and may not be changed by the broker throughout a trading session of the QUIK server. However, the broker may be able to adjust opening and closing price values required for correct evaluation of client portfolios throughout a trading session.

Thanks to the availability of instrument descriptions at the QUIK server and parameter translation for portfolio evaluation the broker can manage client positions in instruments uploaded in this manner and users are able to trade these instruments.

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