Changes in the new version of the risk manager’s terminal module CoLibri 4.8.

18 march 2016

New version of CoLibri terminal has the following changes:

  • The changes were made in parameter settings for position rolling over – a new ‘Separate accounting of cash positions’ setting is activated by default. While using this setting rolled over cash positions are processed separately, without summing them up. That means every negative cash position is rolled over even when positive positions are available. In doing so instruments are used which are nominated in the same currency as the rolled over cash position.

  • For clients using the “by discounts” lending scheme while generating orders for position closure by securities market instruments with the settlement currency different from the par value currency, now the currency in which securities are traded is taken into account. This improvement allows making correct accounting of the ‘Quantity’ parameter in orders for position closure.
  • Extra notification templates were added for short SMS-alerts.
A complete list of changes made in CoLibri 4.8.

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