New version of risk manager’s terminal module CoLibri — 4.14 released

16 february 2018

The main changes in the new version of CoLibri relate to rolling over positions.

CoLibri for stock market (CoLibri SM) acquired the following options to roll over positions:
  • saving orders of client-donor codes to a file which may later be downloaded by means of transaction import functionality,
  • taking into account parameters of counter orders ‘Counter order number’ and ‘Reference’ (Moscow exchange) when rolling over positions.

Besides that, ‘By discounts’ scheme for position keeping allows setting spot market notification templates by company codes.

CoLibri functionality for rolling over positions on FX market (CoLibri FX) has an improved form for rolling over with a two-step scheme. For each step only one set of fields is available to indicate prices and rates. Direction of the first trade of scheme and rate value are displayed by default.

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