Changes in the Moscow Exchange Stock Market (sector ‘Main market’) trading interface. Version 10.8.0

24 september 2014

The newly released version of Moscow Exchange Stock Market interface has the following new features:

  1. A new way of transmitting information about liabilities and cash requirements. The new gate version transmits liabilities and cash requirements along with liabilities/cash requirements for securities and displays them in a table available in the client terminal through the menu item ‘Trading’/’CC’/’ liabilities/cash requirements for assets’.
  2. A possibility to transmit parameters ‘Highest possible price’ and ‘Lowest possible price’ for bonds in the stock market.
  3. The table ‘Market risks parameters’ now displays parameters ‘Falling price risk rate’ and ‘Rising price risk rate’ with three digits after decimal point accuracy.
  4. The table ‘Interest rate risks parameters’ now displays parameters ‘Falling interest rate risk rate’ and ‘Rising interest rate risk rate’ and ‘Time of interest rate change’.
  5. An additional table ‘Individual risk parameters’.
  6. An additional field ‘COMMENTS’ as relayed from the table ‘SECURITIES’ of the gateway interface of MOEX. The field will be displayed in the client terminal window ‘Information about instrument in the field entitled ‘COMMENTS’ and in the current parameters table in the field of the same name.
  7. The list of trade types for execution now includes new items (‘Address trade’, ‘IPO’, ‘First part of address trade REPO with CC’ and ‘Return of payment’).
  8. The list of clearing types for executable trades includes new items (‘External’ and ‘Centralized’).
  9. The table of current parameters now displays a new parameter ‘REPO with CC discount, %’ which is used in the mode of no-address REPO with CC.

A number of faults detected in previous versions have been eliminated.

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