Cbonds' financial instruments and issuers in QORT software products of ARQA Technologies

8 september 2016

ARQA Technologies working in partnership with the agency Cbonds has developed a module for integration with the databases of the agency. The module will transmit data on issuers and financial instruments to QORT software products: middle-offices midQORT and capQORT and back-office backQORT.

The Cbonds Database may deliver to QORT products the following information:

  • issuers (Russian and international),
  • principal parameters of financial instruments (international and domestic bonds),
  • corporate events (coupon payment calendars, offer and maturity dates).

The information is channeled to the server component of QORT solutions and from there is distributed to user workstations in accordance with their access rights.

The information that enters QORT products is used for producing analytical aggregates, related computations and risk management procedures.    

The module serves for channeling both new data and updates of previously transmitted information.

The partners in the project — Cbonds and ARQA Technologies — are prepared to render the technology for free testing by financial market participants.

All questions about the Module may be addressed to the Sales and marketing department of ARQA Technologies by telephone +7 (383) 219–1619 or e-mail sales@arqatech.com.

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