New version of Bookbuilding module — 1.6

25 february 2022

The following improvements were made in the updated version of the Bookbuilding module:

  • For broker employees, the Quotes table of the QUIK workstation acquired new parameters to use in Module classes:

    — ‘Total order origin quantity’ — the initial sum of quantities in all active orders by instrument,
    — ‘Total order origin value’ — the initial sum of volumes of all active orders by instrument,
    — ‘% allocation’ — the current calculated allocation percentage of a planned placement size.
  • It has become possible to edit the ‘Registration number’ field on the ‘Description’ tab of the ‘Instruments dictionary’.

  • For the orders registered after the order submission start, it is possible to deactivate their unconditioned submission to exchange (the ‘Submit new orders to exchange automatically within period’ check box was added in the directory).
  • The price auction makes it possible to set an allowed price range to accept only placement orders of that range.
  • It has become possible to transmit the Module’s internal order number in the exchange transaction parameter when re-forwarding the order to the Trading system, which, by using the exchange order data, allows determining that the order was sent from the Bookbuilding module.

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