New version of Bookbuilding module — 1.4

1 october 2021

The released version of the Bookbuilding module supports the following improvements:

  • There are changes in the allocation process. It has become possible to increase the allocation size but with the initial order volume as a limit. If a client has no enough money to increase the volume to be reserved for the order, the allocation size for such a client will not be changed; and the broker’s specialist will receive a message about a failure to increase the allocation size for all orders. Besides that, now the allocation size can be set in lots (summarily for all clients) or as a percentage of forwarded orders’ volume.
  • Now it is possible to set a minimum allocation size for the instrument. After calculation of the allocation size, the maximum value is chosen between the minimum set value and the calculated quantity.
  • The minimum coupon rate in the instrument parameters is no longer used as a limit. If the rate specified in the placement order is less than the minimum rate and less than or equal to the maximum one, the order will be registered and resent to the Trading system.

  • If the broker’s specialist has not performed allocation by the time the orders are sent to the exchange, it will be performed by the Module automatically.
  • The comment made by the client in the initial placement order is now transmitted to the exchange in the exchange order.
  • The ‘Client code’ parameter in a transaction to cancel the placement order is filled in by the broker. This allows searching transactions by client code in the QUIK Administrator program’s report on transactions.
  • An option was added to specify a date prior to which the instrument for placement stays active. The instruments with expired activity periods will not be downloaded by the Module at its start.
  • The ‘Offering orders book’ table acquired the ‘Fully submitted’ parameter which indicates whether the client order was forwarded to the Trading system for its full volume. If, after allocation, the number or volume were reduced relative to those specified by the client during the order registration, the parameter will be displayed as ‘No’.

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