New version of Bookbuilding module — 1.1 released

12 october 2020

The released version of the Bookbuilding module supports the following improvements:

  • The coupon rate auction has an option to forward orders with a consent to any coupon rate. These orders are not cancelled by the Module when changing a minimum/maximum coupon rate and completing the allocation. For such orders, the current value of the final coupon rate is delivered as a coupon rate when forwarding the orders to the Trading system.
  • It has become possible to specify not all coupon rates (minimum/maximum/final) in the ‘Set coupon rate’ transaction form at the same time. When opening a new form, the preset values of the coupon rates are placed automatically.
  • Automatic cancellation is performed (after the transaction execution) for active orders previously forwarded with an explicitly specified coupon rate, if they do not get into a new range of the coupon rates set by this transaction.
  • Once the ‘Sending orders to exchange’ period starts, the client can send a command to forward an order to the Trading system from the QUIK workstation if the mode is on to forward orders at client request.

  • The broker specialist now can simultaneously forward all orders with the instrument to the Trading system in the ‘at client request’ mode.
  • If placement parameters contain a price, this price will automatically appear in the order placement form with the further blocking of price indication for the user.
  • New parameters were added for placement classes to the QUIK workstation’s ‘Quotes table’:
– Offering price,
– Minimum coupon rate,
– Maximum coupon rate.

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