Auto-following module – a new development by ARQA Technologies

24 february 2014

Auto-following solutions are getting more and more popular among professional financial market participants in recent years. Following the trend as well as meeting client needs ARQA Technologies has developed a separate module for QUIK product line - Auto-following module.

The module will allow broker’s clients to subscribe to strategies (portfolios of financial instruments) which will be available at the QUIK server, to get trading signals for these strategies and execute them automatically or with confirmation. Available strategies are formed by a user with special rights – an asset manager. Trading signals can be sent from an asset manager’s QUIK Workplace by one of the following ways: manually, using API of transaction import, from scripts on QLua inbuilt program language or through the Interface of dynamic transaction loading from a file.

A strategy can include financial instruments of different marketplaces accessible through the QUIK server. The module traces trading signals from asset managers as well as current trading positions of the clients who had subscribed to the strategy. For every subscriber a list of transactions to send/cancel orders is formed according to the rules specified by the subscriber. Later on a transaction list with completed parameters is transferred by the Module to the client’s terminal. After that the orders are sent on behalf of the client via QUIK server to corresponding trading venues for execution.

Purchase and testing requests are to be addressed to ARQA Technologies Sales&Marketing Department: +7 383 219–1619,

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