ARQA Technologies with MICEX support has realized the project allowing direct connection to the MICEX Trade and Clearing system via the MICEX Bridge gateway, using pre-trade control of a sponsoring broker’s QUIK server

10 june 2011

Within the framework of the project, the necessary improvements of pre-trade control module (MICEXPreTrade) of QUIK Broker system have been made.

On the one hand, the Module works directly with the gateway software. On the other hand, it receives all the necessary data about the purchasing ability of a user, who works with a separate pair of identifiers, from a QUIK server. In this technological scheme QUIK server works as a risk server, which informs the MICEX Bridge gateway whether the transaction is permissible or not.

An external user (or an external trading platform) connection to the MICEX trading system is carried out directly, omitting a QUIK Server. This provides a minimum delay in transferring data, if a user’s technical infrastructure is appropriate. The usage of QUIK Server as an external risk application allows granting the margin loan service to the clients working with separate identifiers.

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