ARQA Technologies took part in “Accessing Russia” event

8 june 2012

The second annual event organized by Berlinguer (FTSE Global Markets group) for London-based financial institutions interested in working at Russian exchanges was held in London on May, 23.

Over 100 representatives of international financial institutions participated in the event. The exhibition of the event featured ATON, DMA Direct, OSL and ARQA Technologies.

Experts discussed the attraction of the Russian securities market, risks to be taken into account by foreign investors and also likely changes of the current situation in the short and long-term. Many speakers at the conference pointed out that the infrastructure of the Russian financial market has been moving fast towards the western standards. It is widely expected that establishment of Russian CSD in July this year will greatly facilitate operations of foreign investors, bring down their risks and reduce costs. Introduction of Т+n will bring the Russian market still closer to international practice. The participants also are very positive about the recently merged MICEX-RTS. The representatives of the unified exchange presented their far-reaching plans towards wider representation of institutional investors based on development of trading infrastructure, efficient organization and boosting the IPO/SPO market.

ARQA Technologies presented its latest technological developments which address current demands. These include solutions for low-latency connectivity to Russian exchanges and modules of pre-trade checks to control transaction risks in real time.

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