ARQA Technologies released the new version of Automated order processing module — 1.20.0

5 may 2015

The changes in the module comprise selection of sources for instrument quotes and setting instrument spread values. Sources of quotes for the module used to be selected in accordance with a preset time table. Switching to alternative sources of quotes may now be done automatically if over a specified period of time quotes from the principal source have not been updated.

Improved logic has been introduced to determine instrument spreads in the module settings. From now on zero spreads will be accepted as selected on purpose instead of being automatically replaced by values taken from class settings.

The Automated order processing module automatically converts clients’ orders to buy/sell financial assets in accordance with quotes set by the broker. The module may be used to set up an OTC mode based on the information from exchange that has been transformed according to selected algorithms. The module automates desk operations of a bank or an investment management company.

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