ARQA Technologies released new versions of trading interfaces FIX2MICEX and FIX2CETS — 3.8

31 july 2015

The principal novel feature introduced in the latest versions is ‘Cancel on disconnect’ functionality available in the gateway interfaces of Securities Market (‘Main Market’ sector) and FX Market of MOEX. The new protocol which is being implemented at the Moscow Exchange requires that a client application periodically alerts the Trading System on its activity. ARQA Technologies implemented support for this functionality in its QUIK trading interfaces that provide direct low latency access to Securities Market (‘Main Market’ sector) and FX Market of MOEX - FIX2MICEX and FIX2CETS respectively. From now on, whenever these interfaces reach a certain level of temporary inactivity, are disconnected or lose connection, user orders are automatically cancelled.

Previously this function was implemented by ARQA Technologies in its QUIK interfaces FIX2Plaza2 (for the Derivatives Market of MOEX) and FIX2LSE (for the spot market of LSE).

Thus, the line of FIX2Markets trading interfaces now employs two similar mechanisms for different areas of connection: 'Cancel on disconnect’ for cases of access failure between a trading interface and the trading system and the standard functionality of the FIX2Markets solutions which likewise cancels orders on disconnection between a trading interface and a client platform.

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