ARQA Technologies released a new version of OMS Manager 2.10.0

7 october 2014

The new version of the Module offers additional functional capabilities of employing algo orders and orders forwarded from external systems through a FIX-connection.

Traders have more parameters to choose from while executing OMS orders through algo orders of TWAP and VWAP types. Both types of the algo orders now have ‘time profiling’ as an execution parameter. VWAP orders may also be traded in accordance with use of ‘IOC-orders’, ‘use of limitations inside iterations’ and ‘operation within a price range’ parameters.

A number of new features have been added for processing OMS-orders received from external platforms through a FIX-connection:

  • Execution Report shows an expired OMS-order with a corresponding status ‘Expired’,
  • transformable parameters include: order type (market or limited), order duration and also ‘time and date’ parameters of GTD orders,
  • there is flexibility to employ or bypass Sales-person in order processing,
  • Execution Report indicates the exact time of order registration (to a millisecond).

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