ARQA Technologies released a new version of Auto-follow Module — 2.0.0

17 august 2015

The main innovation is functionality allowing the Module to work simultaneously with different recommendation execution modes. Now the users can forward orders on the base of asset manager recommendation not only with the QUIK user desktop (“client” execution mode) but also with the Module itself (“non-client” execution mode). Earlier it was possible only after installation of two Module copies.

One of the main improvements made for clients is a new type of “subscription to the whole portfolio” strategy. In this case allowed volume of subscription is calculated in accordance with the evaluated price of the client portfolio.

Moreover, starting from this version it is possible to subscribe several client’s portfolios to the same strategy. Earlier one client’s portfolios had to be subscribed to different strategies.

Other changes have been made for extension of trading signal execution rules supported by the Module. Now a client can add the following trading signal execution rules: by last trade price, reverse position by one order, iceberg-order execution, order resending, execution by market conditions.

Auto-follow Module is a system for asset manager recommendation auto-follow (including asset managers using trading robots) which is designed for automated asset manager recommendation (trading signals) execution when a client chooses a strategy (a financial instrument portfolio) to follow.

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