ARQA Technologies provides software support of t+2 settlement regime

12 february 2013

The company finished internal development and testing of its software modifications connected with t+2 trade settlement support at the main market of the Moscow Exchange.

Necessary customizations and testing were made first of all in the QUIK Workstation – broker trading platform. Due to the company’s huge experience in developing software for trading through foreign platforms with t+ settlement mode no significant modifications of the software were required. The focus was on investigation of clients’ standard business processes as affected by the new settlement mode and on position estimation and risk management models which use the QUIK server features for risk management. In this connection the main part of QUIK Workstation preparation for the new settlement mode (planned to be introduced in March) is frequent consultations and implementation of risk management models in clients’ workstations. ARQA Technologies has already started to do this.

As for program solutions on the basis of QORT program platform (middle office midQORT and back office backQORT) t+2 trade settlement will be certainly supported. Confidence in this is caused not only by frequent consultations with clients, development and testing, by also by the fact that the main data provider for QORT is QUIK.

ARQA Technologies is ready to provide its clients (financial institutions) with test access to the new functionality and modules either on their own or on the basis of the company’s data centers.

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