ARQA Technologies provides access to Turquoise Derivatives

21 march 2013

ARQA Technologies, an independent software provider based in Novosibirsk, Russia, has developed a new interface offering customers access to trading on Turquoise Derivatives, an equity derivatives platform operated by London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

The interface offers features including real-time market data (Level II quotes (5 x 5)), reference data, the ability to forward and cancel a range of order types including standard, Iceberg, GTC and GTD, and the ability to execute trades. It also allows Drop Copying of orders and transactions made by the broker and its clients.

The new interface follows the recent launch of services by ARQA Technologies which provide connectivity to LSEG’s London equity markets.

Yury Voronov, CEO of ARQA Technologies, said:
“Building on the connectivity we already provide to Europe’s largest equity exchange, London Stock Exchange Group, we’re delighted to expand our offering to include access to its derivatives platform as well. Our present and future customers will now be able to benefit from a full suite of products, allowing them to access a broad range of asset classes traded across many of LSEG’s platforms.”

The interface facilitates QUIK broker access to the Turquoise Derivatives trading platform, SOLA. It uses the native SOLA Access Information Language (SAIL) protocol for transaction routing, and High Speed Vendor Feed (HSVF) for market data.

ARQA Technologies is an independent software provider based in Novosibirsk, Russia. The Company was founded in 2000. Clients of ARQA Technologies include over 300 financial institutions – banks, investment and asset management companies from various countries. The Company offers a range of front-to-back solutions (front office QUIK, middle office midQORT and back office backQORT). The Company provides SaaS based on its data centers located in Novosibirsk, Moscow and Kiev.

For all questions please contact Sales and Marketing department of ARQA Technologies: +7 (383) 219–1619,

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