ARQA Technologies provides a new service – outsourcing of QUIK for Ukrainian brokers

27 march 2009

ARQA Technologies now provides Ukrainian brokers with the opportunity to use outsourcing of QUIK-Broker on the facilities of Moscow Technical center of the company.

The service is addressed to the Ukrainian brokers wishing to obtain access to the Ukrainian exchanges with minimum starting costs. Required equipment is provided by Technical Center and is not being charged. This service is accessible via Internet.

Basic configuration of QUIK-Broker on the outsourcing mode consists of a separate frame with installed QUIK software, with opportunity to connect 10 users simultaneously, with trading interface to one of the Ukrainian exchanges and with the Archives Module.

Special tariff proposals will be in force until the end of 2009.

Purchase and testing requests are to be addressed to ARQA Technologies Sales&Marketing Department: +7 (383) 219–16–94 (-92, 90),

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