ARQA Technologies launched a new version of QUIK Workstation 6.12 of program complex QUIK

23 march 2014

Planned position (Tx position) support for displaying liabilities with settlement dates of more than two days in Client portfolio table has been implemented in the new version.

Changes in the Workstation tables include:

  • Parameters irrelevant for MD clients will not be displayed in Client portfolio, Account state and Buy/Sell tables.
  • Parameter “Executed” displaying filled quantity is added to Orders table.
  • “ISIN code” and column “UID” are added to Trades table for displaying QUIK user that initiated execution of a trade.
  • Level II quoted table for the selected instrument now can be opened by the shortcut menu item in Buy/Sell table.
  • The new parameters “Sending status” and “Reason for not sending SMS” are added to Alerts table.

Other important modifications:

  • Specialized forms for entering new orders, negotiated orders and cross-orders are now used along with the standard entry forms for operations on Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • When loading configuration file the version of the Workstation will be controlled. If the settings were created in a newer version of the Workstation the user gets an appropriate alert.
  • The menu item Market-maker commitments is moved to Trade operations section.

The new function CalcBuySell intended to receive available quantity to buy and to sell is added to the module of LUA language support of QUIK Workstation.

The full list of modifications in the version is here.

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