ARQA Technologies in partnership with Thomson Reuters developed an interface for QUIK broker system which allows a QUIK server to receive the agency’s market data and transmit them to the system users’ terminals

30 august 2012

At the moment the Information interface of TREP RT system (Thomson Reuters) allows receiving real-time market data from LSE, NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and FX markets with minimum delay. Users have potential access to any depth of Level I and Level II quotes.

A full-fledged trading solution may be built on the basis of Thomson Reuters market data and FIX-integration with an executing broker’s platform.

For additional information please contact:

  • market data provision - at Thomson Reuters

Andrey Lukashenkov -, +7 495 961-01-00 x147

Alexander Neretin -, +7 495 961-01-00 x160

  • software for QUIK server - at ARQA Technologies

Sales&Marketing Department –, +7 383 219-16-19

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