ARQA Technologies held the sixth annual conference in Moscow

2 march 2010

On the 18th of February 2010 ARQA Technologies launched the annual conference for its clients and partners in Moscow

The conference brought together about 200 representatives of 75 banks and investment companies from different cities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. ARQA Technologies’ business partners - Fidessa, KASE, MICEX, NDC, RTS, SunGard, THOMSON REUTERS - took part in the conference. Representatives of MICEX and RTS performed reports, devoted to their new projects and technologies.

Many interesting and urgent topics within reports and roundtable discussions were presented to the participants this year.

Among the key projects of the company in 2009 special attention was paid to the risk management system development, which was reflected in many company’s products. For example, QUIK functionality was enriched by the features for more detailed monitoring of REPO transactions and transactions in the negotiated deals mode, as well as the features requested by the clients, who trade at the new RTS Standard market.

A new product for risk management at the derivative market was presented at the conference - CoLibri FM. In QUIK project, trading automation facilities using mechanical trading systems and additional functional for more comfortable usage of scalper trading approach, were developed. Algorithmic trading module, which had been announced in course of the last year conference, was presented to the participants.

Two projects were announced to be actively developed next year. They were SMS services in QUIK and the system of the information support of interaction with the Central Contractor at MICEX.

In line with new features for risk management, a new method of financial effect estimation in midQORT was presented.

Special report was devoted to the infrastructure development of the company’s technical centers, patterns of using services being dynamically developed, such as Q2Q service, outsourcing and online back-up.

For the first time the conference program included roundtable discussions. One of them was organized with participation of banks’ and investment companies’ representatives and concerned the implementation of complex solutions, such as middle- and back-office. In another roundtable the representatives of MICEX and RTS took part with discussions of the capacity of the exchanges technological infrastructure.

The conference materials (including ARQA Technologies representatives’ papers):

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