ARQA Technologies held the second annual conference for its clients and partners in Kiev

26 october 2010

On the 21st of October 2010 ARQA Technologies launched the second annual workshop for its clients and partners in Ukraine

Technological solutions for brokerage services and automation of trading operations of investment companies and banks on domestic and foreign financial markets, which were applied by the Ukrainian clients of the company, were discussed at the conference.

Speakers from ARQA Technologies have pointed the configuration complexity of QUIK-Broker complexes and services, which are used by the Ukrainian brokers.

Special attention in the reports of the ARQA Technologies specialists was paid to the automation of middle and back offices of the Ukrainian investment companies and banks. Due to the increasing number of participants and transactions, such topics as online estimation of positions and financial markets risks, as well as automation of back office operations gradually become not only interesting but vital.

70 representatives from 26 banks and investment companies of Ukraine took part in the conference. Representatives of Russian RTS, Ukrainian Exchange and PFTS made presentations, of the new technologies and services for the market participants.

The conference materials (including ARQA Technologies reports text):

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