ARQA Technologies expanded the range of QUIK KillSwitch solutions for risk control of trading operations with zero added latency

27 march 2015

Beside the solution available for the spot market of LSE there are now solutions for the stock and FX markets of Moscow Exchange.

The solutions are applied for additional risk control whenever the broker’s clients are connected to trading systems on a sponsored access basis. Risk control is performed in a post-trade mode at the RISQ server. The whole range of approaches inherent in the RISQ solutions line is available for risk control.

The distinguishing feature of QUIK KillSwitch solutions is that they exclude any interaction with the transaction flow between the client’s software complex and the exchange trading system. That is why they do not impart additional latency to the trading infrastructure of the broker’s client. When the broker’s risk parameters are broken, the client’s transaction flow is blocked by the use of the exchange mechanism of drop copy disconnect (in the case of LSE) or when the RISQ server sends a special transaction to the trading system (for the markets of Moscow Exchange).

For purchasing and testing please contact the Sales and marketing department of ARQA Technologies: +7 383 219-16-19,

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