ARQA Technologies developed the new version of Moscow Exchange Securities market (Main Market) Interface 10.8.7

29 may 2015

The current interface version supports the latest features that have been introduced by Moscow Exchange into its Securities market trading system and will come into force on June, 1, 2015.

Supported features include new classes in anonymous trading classes T0 and T+, negotiated trades, REPO, negotiated trades with CC, REPO with the Central Counteragent, large block auctions (Dark Pool), and in a number of technological classes.

In the principal trading mode T+ support will be provided for opening auction that has replaced the opening period (pre-trading period).

It has become possible to translate cash positions for collective collateral, stress collateral and cash positions in Chinese national currency (CNY). The new version of interface supports operation of MICEX Bridge version 4.2.3. The functionality of filtering trading accounts and tags has been augmented while some of interface settings may now be changed without a reboot.

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