ARQA Technologies developed a radically new solution for its flagship software EMS QUIK – a high-speed matching core QME

15 april 2013

QUIK Matching Engine – a core for quick matching of broker clients’ orders forwarded through QUIK. The module may be used by brokers for setting up electronic trading platforms which provide their clients with access to additional asset classes.

Currently the system supports processing limit and market orders for equities and FX. Matching is done anonymously by double auction rules. Client position control and trade limiting takes place in the QUIK server according to its standard models.

Matching may be carried out in several ‘cores’ of the module simultaneously and separately for several instruments. This makes it possible to process over 5 000 transactions per second with the average transaction time of 200 microseconds. The execution speed is the principal feature of this solution that differentiates it from the other product of the company – the System of Broker Quotations.

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