ARQA Technologies at international trade show-conference TradeTech Asia 2012 in Singapore

21 november 2012

ARQA Technologies participated both as an exhibitor and a speaker in the trade show and conference TradeTech Asia 2012, which took place on November, 7-8, 2012 in Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore

TradeTech Asia is the most significant event in the Asian region addressing the issues of developing trading technologies and Asian financial markets architecture under the impact of various factors such as new market regulations, new trading strategies and instruments, merging of exchanges into a single trading network, etc.

The conference part of the event which included traditional presentations and panel or roundtable discussions featured over 100 speakers. The most discussed topics were the future of HFT strategies in Asia and their impact on market volatility and liquidity, the rise of algos among trading strategies, the interplay between high and low touch trading. Separate presentations and discussions were held on such subjects as risk control in the light of new regulations, application of new technologies for building low-latency infrastructures and new approaches for post-trade control of operations.

This year the event brought together over 680 participants from Australia, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, China, Malasia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, the USA, Finland, Japan and other countries.

More than 300 participants represented asset management companies and hedge funds. Other attendees were from major trading venues of Asia (Australian Securities Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, CME Group Singapore, Chi-X, National Stock Exchange of India, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Stock Exchange and others), major investment banks (Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, DBS Bank, Citibank, Royal Bank of Scotland, etc), brokerages, inter-broker technological networks, market data and software providers.

ARQA Technologies was represented at the conference by the director of business development Vladimir Kurlyandchik who delivered a presentation “Pre-trade risk control – a unified solution for various trading infrastructures”

At the trade show part of the event ARQA Technologies introduced its multifunctional trading platform QUIK with in-built risk management (for pre- and post-trade modes) as well as solutions for direct access to trading engines where QUIK platform can be used as a risk server. Also represented were a range of solutions based on FIX-protocol which included low-latency solutions for HFT-systems employing fast pre-trade control of transactions.

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