15th annual seminar for clients and partners of ARQA Technologies took place in Moscow

28 february 2019

On 21 February 2019 in Moscow ARQA Technologies held the 15th annual seminar for clients and partners. Over 350 participants from 102 companies attended the seminar – representatives of clients of ARQA Technologies from banks, investment and management companies. Among the partners of the company participated in the seminar were Interfax, Moscow Exchange, MFD-Infocenter, NAUFOR, Saint-Petersburg Exchange, SPIMEX, Bloomberg, CBOE, Cbonds, DataSpace, FIS, IXcellerate, QuantHouse, Refinitive.

During the first seminar session Danil Baburin (the Head of QUIK development) traditionally reported on annual development outcomes for QUIK software. Vladimir Kurlyandchik (Business Development Director of ARQA Technologies) shared the company’s plans for the implementation of new infrastructure projects in 2019. Alexey Baburin (the Head of QORT development) spoke about forthcoming innovative service and integration functionalities in QORT platform. A joint presentation by ARQA Technologies and Alfa Capital Management Company was of particular interest for the case study of implementation of asset manager middle office capQORT at the client’s site.

During the second seminar session focused on GOST for information security, Alexander Belov (the Head of data centers operation of ARQA Technologies) shared the experience of bringing company products and services up to GOST requirements. Sergey Demidov (Moscow Exchange), Kirill Zverev (NAUFOR), Mikhail Shabanov (NAUFOR) participated in the round table on the current issues for GOST implementation by financial market participants.

At the ‘Exchange news’ round table, representatives of exchanges spoke about their latest projects and future plans. Participants included Richard Bardin (CBOE), Roman Goryunov (Saint-Petersburg Exchange), Igor Marich (Moscow Exchange).

The round table ‘Current challenges of the industry’ was of no less interest. The opinions were exchanged by Ekaterina Andreeva (NAUFOR), Vladislav Kochetkov (NAUFOR), Mikhail Sukhobok (Raiffeisenbank), and Vladimir Yarovoy (Sberbank).

Also worth noting is the exhibition which has already become a traditional part of the seminar, where ARQA Technologies and its partners could introduce their latest technological developments and new services.

Find some seminar materials here (pdf-presentations, in Russian):

‘The past and future of QUIK’
Danil Baburin (ARQA Technologies)

‘New infrastructure projects of ARQA Technologies’
Vladimir Kurlyandchik (ARQA Technologies)

‘API development in the QORT platform’
Alexey Baburin (ARQA Technologies)

‘Case study. capQORT implementation in Alfa Capital’
Vladimir Kurlyandchik (ARQA Technologies), Viktor Kustov (Alfa Capital)

GOST implementation by financial market participants’
Alexander Belov (ARQA Technologies)

‘Moscow Exchange Group. Results of 2018’
Igor Marich (Moscow Exchange)

‘Saint-Petersburg Exchange: achievements and immediate plans. This is only a beginning!’
Roman Goryunov (Saint-Petersburg Exchange)

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