ARQA Technologies Expands Own IT Infrastructure and Offers Services Using DataSpace Data Center

6 june 2019

ARQA Technologies has completed an infrastructure project intended to significantly upgrade its service core, which is responsible for providing outsourcing, backup, and hosting services for company products. It has also migrated much of its corresponding IT infrastructure to the DataSpace data center. The project was carried out between November 2018 and May 2019.

More specifically, ARQA Technologies has introduced changes at the application and network layers of its infrastructure in order to comply with the new GOST R 57580.1−2017 information security requirements for the financial sector. To meet the highest level of the standards and to improve the reliability of its services, the company has transferred the majority of its IT infrastructure to the DataSpace data center, which is Tier III and PCI DSS certified. This upgrade of the company’s service core has included software updates and improvements to computing power and disk subsystem speed, while maintaining connectivity with the M1 data center and several independent communications channels with a number of leading providers.

The entire project was implemented without interruption to the services provided to the company’s clients and did not result in any increase in service prices.

“The key priorities of this project to transfer our IT infrastructure were to comply with GOST physical security requirements while maintaining continuity in our service provision and providing our clients with as much transparency as possible regarding process. DataSpace provided additional physical security and access control measures as we went about this technical challenge, establishing a clearly defined perimeter and equipping it with video surveillance and network access control systems. One of the most important factors in our choice of data center was the fact that the trading cores of both the Moscow Exchange and the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange are located at DataSpace,” comments Vladimir Kurlyandchik, Head of Business Development at ARQA Technologies.

“The DataSpace data center is a unique space which brings together banks and financial institutions, Russia’s largest stock exchanges, and trade participants with companies providing solutions and technologies that automate financial market operations and their clients and partners. DataSpace is expanding this stock-market and financial ecosystem with every passing year, providing resiliency, reliability, and security at the highest level and ensuring maximum continuity of IT and business processes for its clients”, comments DataSpace CEO Sergey Rasskazov.

DataSpace is Russia’s leading operator of commercial data centers, providing a guaranteed level of service and superior reliability and security for the deployment of critical IT infrastructure belonging to Russian and international companies. DataSpace’s priorities are integrated data center management and operation, provision of premium colocation services, and a free choice of telecoms and IT service providers to ensure maximum continuity for IT and business processes.

ARQA Technologies is an independent developer of software solutions for financial markets. The company was founded in 2000 in Novosibirsk. Its key focus is on creating and implementing complex technological solutions for automating the operations of banks and investment and management companies on financial markets. The company offers a full suite of front-to-back solutions for automating front-, middle-, and back-office operations.

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