Alfa-Capital Management Company installed a line of solutions from ARQA Technologies including a specialized asset manager’s middle office capQORT

27 april 2017

Alfa-Capital Management Company — a part of Alfa Group Consortium — installed a line of solutions from ARQA Technologies: front-office platform QUIK, back office backQORT and middle office for asset manager capQORT, which performs the integrating function of system management.

The middle office capQORT has been designed for the specific purpose of online management of own and clients’ portfolios. The solution facilitates trading through several brokers, while controlling limitations and monitoring exceptions. The software is pre-integrated with databases RU DATA, Cbonds Database, Bloomberg and ready for integration with other software of the client via FIX.

For installation of the system in Alfa-Capital Management Company, its functionality was improved for convenience of processing with the new roles of ‘manager’ and ‘trader’ and ergonomic data visualization by means of ‘portfolio organizer’.

Much effort was invested to integrate capQORT with the back office from Avancore employed in the company for control of unit investment funds — ‘Avancore: Unit Investment Funds’. This integration is now available for all capQORT clients.

Towards the end of 2016 Alfa-Capital Management Company became the first asset manager with direct access to trading at Moscow Exchange. This led to changes in the company’s business processes and its infrastructure. For this reason, the capQORT system was transformed to fit the requirements acquiring OMS features in the course of development.

Vladimir Kurlyandchik, business development director of ARQA Technologies, provided the following comments after the installation: ‘Thanks to cooperation with Alfa-Capital we have accumulated valuable expertise in building complex infrastructure for automating business processes of asset managers, while our capQORT developed OMS features. To be sure there is still a lot be done before it is finalized but first strides have been made and we are ready to elaborate the system to comply with requirements of the asset manager’.

'In the face of ARQA Technologies Alfa-Capital Management Company has acquired a reliable partner and many years of experience of IT-project implementation in financial markets, which determined successful completion of such complex solution in short time automating a wide range of business processes from front office to accounting and reporting’ – said Ivan Mazov, Director of Information Technologies Department of Alfa-Capital Management Company.

ARQA Technologies is an independent developer of software products for financial market operations. The company was founded in 2000 in Novosibirsk. Its core business is development and implementation of complex technological solutions automating operations of banks, investment and asset managers on financial markets. The company offers a full line of ‘front to back solutions’ for automation of front-, middle- and back-office operations.

Alfa-Capital Management Company is one of the largest asset managers on the market. Alfa-Capital was created in 1996 and is a pioneer in the market of managing assets of private, institutional and corporate investors. Alfa-Capital is part of Alfa Group Consortium — one of the largest financial-industrial structures of Russia. The total volume of assets under Alfa-Capital management exceeds 183 billion rubles[*].

[*] On 31 March 2017.

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