Additional functionality in FIXPreTrade for Linux — the fastest module of RISQ solutions line

12 february 2015

Last December ARQA Technologies’ RISQ solutions family was extended to include a new product designed for OS Linux in its Red Hat version.

Development of the module involved a number of low level optimizations including those raising the efficiency of I/O operations. Specialized network equipment (Solarflare card) and OpenOnload technology used in the solution proved highly time-saving while interacting with the hardware. Those allowed cutting more latency at reception and transmission stages - when FIX messages enter and leave the pre-trade RISQ filter. The new approach succeeded in cutting the additional latency introduced by employment of pre-trade module several-fold as compared to all other RISQ solutions.

This January developers of ARQA Technologies revised and extended the functionality of FIXPreTrade for Linux. The starting data of clients’ positions is now uploaded in the module. From that moment on the module is keeping positions on its own. The resulting autonomy opens up new possibilities for the module’s use. Thus, having current position information inside the module allows banning short selling and permitting position closing even when some restrictions are violated. It is worth pointing out that the module’s enhanced autonomy did not entail any incremental latency resulting from pre-trade checks.

The head of QUIK development Danil Baburin commented on the release of the latest issue of FIXPreTrade for Linux by saying: ‘Having tried on a non-standard approach to the data content of the RISQ filter module inside FIXPreTrade for Linux we managed to bring the solution to a highest competitive level in terms of latency and accuracy of checks’.

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